Aluvión and Firedoor a match made in heaven December 08 2016

Firedoor Restaurant

Our 2012 Aluvión Malbec Reserva has been featured on Sydney's Firedoor wine list throughout much of 2016.

Firedoor reminds us of some of the best food and cooking techniques in Argentina, so it was naturally a great fit for our wine. Firedoor's menu is powered by wood fire - 11 different types of wood to be exact. Australian Gourmet Traveller dubs Firedoor's food "a new kind of delicious born from the oldest of cooking traditions" and they have received a coveted chef's hat from both the 2016 and 2017 Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide.

As for the wine list, Australian Gourmet Traveller says, "they certainly know what they're pouring."

Firedoor's Sommelier, Miki, says the 2012 Aluvion Malbec Reserva is "rich, smooth and round, drinks easily and accommodates both men and women, and is a bargain for the price."

We have to say we agree with him.