Back to the land of tango and wine October 23 2017

We were fortunate to visit our vineyard recently as part of the Vines of Mendoza owners conference. It was so wonderful to connect with other owners, the wine making team, spend time at our vineyard, and just simply enjoy Argentina. There's so much to love about this beautiful part of the world.

One of the highlights was seeing our kids touch and feel the soil, spend time with the vines, and visit the wine making facilities and create their own connection with the vineyard.

We of course spent time tasting and blending our wines. I always find this process so fascinating, trying to predict how a wine might change over the next few years and what other varietals may be needed to help it reach its full potential.

There's no better way to explore ours and the adjoining vineyards than by horseback. And to make the experience even more genuine a local gaucho led the way. 

Not only is the wine incredible, for us the food in Argentina is always a highlight. I have so many photos of food!! Fresh, simple, often wood fired, and beautifully presented, I really should just do a blog post on food! And nothing says Argentina like their famous empanadas.

It wasn't all play. We did get our hands dirty and plant some new vines too.

Other times, it was necessary to just sit back with a glass of wine and admire the spectacular view.

Farewell Argentina, we'll be back again soon.