Chiswick's Garden Menu Ideal Match for Aluvion Wine June 29 2015

For the past several months, we have been enjoying a great partnership with CHISWICK, Matt Moran and Peter Sullivan's beautiful dining venue in Woollahra, Sydney. The emphasis at CHISWICK is on where the food has come from and how it is grown. They have an amazing kitchen garden where much of their produce comes from and when we were there recently we enjoyed slow cooked lamb sourced from the Moran family farm. It's a perfect match for a wine like ours which is produced as naturally as possible with deep respect for the earth, native vegetation, water sources and the produce. 

We are also honoured to be included.  The CHISWICK wine list received the 2013 and 2014 National Award for 'Best Small List' at Australia's Wine List of the Year Awards. 

Do yourself a favour and visit Chiswick soon.